Safety comes first

We keep an eye on our coaches

GTH motor coaches are constantly monitored by the unique WebEye system, which allows the online survey of GPS status of any vehicle at any given time.

The WebEye surveillance system allows to view any respective driver’s on duty vs. rest period ,interfering if deemed necessary thus providing a safer environment for our valued customers.

The LED Pressure Alarm alerts drivers promptly in case of a change in the tyre pressure status.

We are insured by Allianz and Generali.

Highly trained drivers

Though we employs only professional English speaking drivers with minimum of 10 years experience. Together with VOLVO and Transautomat undertakes the annual training in safety and environmental protection of it’s drivers.

Automatic fire suppression system

Our coaches are equipped with the most efficient fire suppression system called the FOGMAKER.

Fog maker high-pressure water mist is very efficient for extinguishing fires in engine compartments.
The water mist gives an immediate choking and quickly cooling effect. Unique for the water mist is the fact that it fills the entire engine compartment and access fire beds outside the direct spreading area of the nozzles.

The water mist’s ability to quickly extinguish the fire limits the amount of damage in the engine compartment. With our hydro pneumatic fire detection the suppression system works with the same effect even when the electricity supply is disconnected. The system is also position independent (if the bus is laying on the side or up- side-down).

The safest way to travel

Our drivers must respect the obligatory rest periods as per EU requirements; we shall provide a substitute driver whenever deemed necessary. Safety comes first!

TGTH motor coaches are being constantly maintained and monitored by Transautomat and Volvo, besides the annual inspections a weekly routine maintenance check is also carried out.

We are proud to have had 20 years of no serious accidents on the roads.

Furthermore, trade associations and bus manufacturers offer various training sessions to prepare the driver for critical situations in traffic.
Each year GBK certifies 500 chauffeurs who have successfully completed security training, and who have been driving accident-free for at least 5 years.

These figures speak for themselves.

The statistics prove:
Buses are the safest way to travel compared to other means of transport. This is supported by modern automotive technology including Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) and three independent brake systems. To ensure that buses are not travelling faster than 100 km/hours.

Alcoa aluminum wheels

Alcoa wheels deliver improved productivity and lower lifetime costs. Period. Lighter in weight yet extremely strong and durable, Alcoa aluminum wheels feature precision machining, better heat dispersion, higher resale value and superior maintenance savings for improved productivity and lower lifetime operating costs.